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Zete 4 Life

Setting up the Fundraising platform that will allow Elders to give back to the Chapters and Elder Organization. The primary focus of this funding will be Elder involvement, Active Chapter operations and to support the ongoing Lions Cup Weekend, named in honour of brother Matt Smith.

If we can get 30 donors at 10 USD/Month ($3600 total a year), we will be able to start an Annual banquet, support the Lions Cup travel for Active Zetes and support the expansion efforts in Europe. We will also be able to look long term - potentially having an overseas Convention for the first time in any Fraternity History!

Thank you for everything you guys do in the good names of Iota Omicron, Sigma Omicron, and Theta Omicron.

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Annually of $3,600.00

7 Donations

  • Akil Middleton

3 Members

  • Tyler Boisvert

  • Joseph Alessi

  • Niall Blake-Knox