The 1847 Pledge (2019)

The 1847 Pledge Challenge is now Closed!  (We will, however, continue to accept donations on this site in support of the Leadership Training Program.)

Thank you to the over 700 people who participated to show their pride, in their chapters and in Zeta Psi.
Stay tuned for the final results soon.


Since our 170th anniversary in 2017  we have asked every Zete to contribute $18.47 to fund Leadership Training Institute programs. During these two years we have raised $45,622.66 from 1077 donors.

This year we are launching on March 27th - the anniversary of the founding of our Theta Xi Chapter at the University of Toronto, which made Zeta Psi the first international fraternity - a point of pride for every brother, regardless of nationality!  We are asking you to participate again this year to celebrate our Fraternity, and to help ensure that future leaders can get the leadership training to help them in their lives/careers.

All donors receive an email verification. Donors who contribute before April 2, 2019 will also receive  a letter with a gift from Zeta Psi. Donations from U.S. residents are tax-deductible.  Donations from residents of other countries may be deductible,  depending on your particular circumstances.

Congratulations to last year's winners:

Overall 1847 Pledge Champion - Psi Chapter

American Champion - Pi Tau Chapter

Canadian Champion - Alpha Psi Chapter

Emerging Champion (less than 10 years) - Delta Chi Chapter

Can these chapters defend their championship?  You can help decide through your participation!

The Chapters with the most donors  will be recognized at the Zeta Psi International Convention in Baltimore!


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Received of $30,000.00

774 Donations

  • $18.47

    Bill Brightly

  • $18.47

    Michael Walker

  • $5.00

    Miles Vinikow

  • $18.47

    Jared Sunshine

  • $18.47

    Christopher Hutter

  • $18.47

    Timos Pietris

  • $18.47

    Dave Sims

  • $172.00

    Ross Peet

  • Tiago Rodrigues

  • $18.47


  • $18.47

    Stephen Duncan

  • $184.70

    Ken Kazahaya

  • William Haw

  • $172.00

    Maz Kazahaya

  • $18.47

    McBee Butcher

  • Dennis Shen

  • $18.47

    Matt Van Wagenen

  • $18.47

    Miles Buergin

  • $18.47

    Thomas Bredillet

  • $18.70

    Greig Lagomarsino

  • $18.47

    Daniel Akinola-Odusola